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  • Helpful Links

    ¦•¦ IRS ¦•¦ Various useful information including forms and publications.
    ¦•¦ Refund status ¦•¦ Wondering where your refund is? Find out by clicking the link above.
    ¦•¦ Forms and Publications ¦•¦ Here you can find various IRS forms and Publications.
    ¦•¦ Newsroom ¦•¦ Can’t get enough of the IRS? This site allows you to see the latest news from the IRS.
    ¦•¦ Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) ¦•¦ Enroll in a tax payment program and make payments for individiaul, payroll and business taxes.

    Nevada Links

    ¦•¦ Nevada Secretary of State ¦•¦ The Nevada Secretary of State website will allow you to search for filings and also provides you with the forms required for Nevada corporations.
    ¦•¦ Nevada Department of Taxation ¦•¦ The Nevada Department of Taxation website includes useful features such as tax rates and downloadable forms.
    ¦•¦ Clark County Nevada ¦•¦ Clark County’s website includes property information, business license registration and much more.
    ¦•¦ Business Personal Property Tax ¦•¦ Use this to complete your personal property form annually.
    ¦•¦ City of Henderson Business License ¦•¦ The City of Henderson business license information can be found here.
    ¦•¦ DMV payment history ¦•¦ Here you can put in your license plate number and see how much you paid for your vehicle taxes.
  • Various links

    ¦•¦ Beginners’ Guide to Financial Statements ¦•¦ The Securities and Exchange Commission provides a useful tool to assist in understanding how to read and understand financial statements.
    ¦•¦ Financial Calculators ¦•¦ From calculating a paycheck to calculating how much you will need in order to retire, this site has a lot of useful calculators for tax planning and your future.
    ¦•¦ NASBA ¦•¦ The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) is a group that regulates the accountancy for the state boards.
    ¦•¦ W9 ¦•¦ All contracted labor who is providing services to you over $600 a year, must fill out this form before you issue a payment to them.
    ¦•¦ Nevada State Board of Accountancy ¦•¦ The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) is a group that regulates the various state boards of accountancy.
    ¦•¦ Social Security Administration ¦•¦ View and make changes to your social security account. You can also plan and apply for retirement and disability benefits.
    ¦•¦ Per Diem Rates ¦•¦ Current mileage, meals and lodging per diem rates.

    New Employee Forms

    ¦•¦ W4 ¦•¦ Use this form to determine employee’s federal income tax withholding when calculating payroll taxes.
    ¦•¦ I9 ¦•¦ All employees must complete this form when they are hired for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.