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  • Dale Snyder, Owner at The Snyder Group Luxury Real Estate, Las Vegas, NV

    “Michael is an ethical and genuine person first and foremost. He is obviously great at what he does as well! We have referred the Snyder Group’s clients to his company with great reviews from our clients. Thank you Michael.”

    Michael Pandullo, Owner at Michael Pandullo, Chartered, Las Vegas, NV

    “Michael Johnson is professional, diligent, thorough in his identification of tax deductions and adjustments, and responsive to any questions I have. I would highly recommend Michael Johnson to anyone who needs the services of a CPA. ”

    Oren Inbar, Owner at Friendly Computers, Las Vegas, NV

    “I have known Michael well for over a year now. Not only is he a sharp CPA but he is also very resourceful in other business areas and pleasant to work with too. I highly recommend getting Michael to handle all accounting issues for any small biz owner.”

    Delwyn Webber, Esq., Partner at Rob Graham & Associates, Las Vegas, NV

    “From my first meeting with Michael, I knew I had made the right choice in a CPA to take care of my clients' needs. Michael in extremely personable, as well as dedicated and knowledgeable.”
  • Wahed Rafiq, Owner at Hi-Tech Auto, Moorpark, CA

    “Where do I start!? I am a multiple business owner and my CPA is usually on my speed-dial. Michael is the only CPA I have had that keeps in contact with me atleast on a weekly basis. As a business owner this is very important to me. I know where I stand with payroll, taxes and fees all the time, and Michael is always on top of things for me. Anything I need is done within the same day, if not hours later. Michael has extensive knowledge with Corporate taxes, & EDD that he does for me, as well as filing in multiple states. My business is in CA, and Michael follows all the rules and laws to my state. He exceeds his scope of work and is a true professional at his job.”

    Lucia G., Owner at Genuvo, Inc., Henderson, NV

    “We started working with Michael’s company about a year ago and so far we are very impressed. We believe he is the right CPA for our Company and plan on having a very long business relationship.”

    Andy Seth, Professional Poker Player and Investor, Las Vegas, NV

    “Michael is a friendly, knowledgeable accountant whom you really know cares about you as a client.”

    Michael Johnson, CPA, LLC